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How to Clean Sunglasses: A Guide to Sunglasses Care

How to Clean Sunglasses: A Guide to Sunglasses Care


In summer, sunglasses get smudged with sun cream and speckled with sand. Not only does this take away from the allure of your favourite designer sunglasses, but it can cause damage, especially to the lenses. 

To properly maintain your eyewear and prolong its lifespan, consult this guide. We'll demonstrate how to clean your sunglasses and prevent potential damage.


Quick Mythbusting 

First, it’s time to clear up some common cleaning misconceptions.

Ditch the Bad Habits 

Have you ever opted for the quick fix of breathing on your sunglasses and wiping away the condensation with your clothing? We’re all guilty of it, but this is your sign to stop. 

Even the softest fabrics may carry tiny particles of dust and dirt that can inadvertently scratch your glasses when you rub them. Textured paper towels and napkins are just as problematic – they consist of pulped wood and have a surprisingly abrasive effect, especially on delicate surfaces like lenses.

Use a Gentle Cleaning Solution

Clean your sunglasses with an appropriate cleaning solution. Water and a mild washing-up liquid will usually do the trick, although we’ll delve into this further below. 

That said, don’t go reaching for any old household cleaning agent. Substances containing ammonia, bleach or vinegar have the potential to strip the protective coating from your sunglasses' lenses. Needless to say, this is a situation we want to prevent! To keep your sunglasses in prime condition, follow the simple steps below.


How to Clean Sunglasses

Follow this simple cleaning routine to maintain your favourite pairs of sunglasses.

Rinse The Sunglasses

First, ensure your hands are clean and free of oil or lotion-based soaps. Then, rinse your sunglasses in lukewarm water to remove any obvious dirt or dust particles that could scratch the lenses. 

How to Clean Sunglasses Lenses

Grab a microfiber cloth and prepare a cleaning solution – a mixture of water and a dab of mild washing-up liquid works perfectly. However, avoid soaps with added moisturisers since they can create streaks and leave the lenses with a cloudy film.

Start by cleaning the nose pads, rims and frames. These areas experience the most contact and are prone to accumulating grease, dirt and grime. This issue is particularly true for oversized sunglasses, as their large frames have more contact with your skin. Address these troublesome spots first to avoid transferring dirt onto the lenses. 

If your sunglasses have intricate or inset details, like our special sunglasses, use the tip of your microfiber cloth to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Finally, focus on the lenses themselves. Use your cloth and the gentle cleaning solution to massage the inner and outer surfaces of the glass, ensuring a thorough clean and polished finish.

Rinse: Round Two

The second rinse is to remove any pesky remnants of soap. Again, refrain from using hot water or applying high pressure, as this could harm your sunglasses.

Dry The Sunglasses

Run a clean, lint-free cloth over your sunglasses to dry the surfaces. If your sunglasses feature lots of detailing, be patient and give them plenty of time to air dry before putting them on.

Safeguard Your Sunglasses 

In addition to tending to your sunglasses, you can adopt a few preventative measures to keep them looking their best. Here are additional tips to prevent potential damage to your eyewear:

Regular Cleaning: 

You shouldn’t wait for your sunglasses to get filthy before cleaning. The dirtier they become, the more intensive the cleaning process required, which could heighten the risk of scratches. Maintain a regular cleaning routine to keep them under control.

Safe Storage: 

Always store your sunglasses in a case when not in use. Doing so will prevent dust from piling up and reduce the chances of lens scratches or broken frames.

Style Sensibly:

Don’t wear your sunglasses on top of your head. Although it’s a stylish look, wearing them this way can distort the sunglasses’ shape over time, particularly styles such as Aviators that often have thinner frames and arms.

Heat Awareness: 

A common mishap is leaving acetate sunglasses in direct sunlight, such as a car dashboard. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause the frames to warp and the lenses to crack. Be cautious of excessive heat and sunlight exposure, especially when not being used.

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