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Versace has a legacy of innovation, glamour and timeless charisma – their eyewear is no exception. Slip on a pair of Versace sunglasses and embody true Italian decadence. 

Whether shopping for men’s or women’s sunglasses, anticipate frames showcasing signature house codes, including the iconic Medusa head, intricate Greca motifs, and opulent Baroque-inspired detailing. It's no surprise that Versace consistently ranks among our best-selling designer sunglasses. Pick out your favourite from our extensive range.


Elevate your look with a statement pair of Versace sunglasses.

Founded in 1978 by visionary Gianni Versace in Milan, Italy, the distinguished fashion house of Versace remains a cornerstone of luxury. Over the years, Versace has cultivated a rich repertoire of iconic looks and historical fashion moments.

As a designer, Versace has always been bold, pushing the boundaries of fashion. Through opulent patterns and ground-breaking chainmail techniques that redefined textiles, this brand has consistently been at the forefront of sartorial innovation and instilled confidence in its wearers. 

Now, you can own a piece of the Versace magic. Select from bold Aviators or Cat Eye sunglasses featuring lavish frames and signature gold detailing. Alternatively, step out in colourful Rimless shades or avant-garde Shield designs, guaranteed to turn heads. Both men’s and women’s sunglasses integrate iconic Greek-inspired motifs synonymous with the Versace brand, underscoring the luxurious character of your eyewear. Browse our entire collection and choose the perfect pair of sunglasses to elevate your everyday style or add an exciting accent to your wardrobe.


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Versace Sport Tech Chronograph Black - Watches & Crystals
£410.00 OFF
Versace Ladies Watch Greca Logo Two-Tone Silver VEVH00620 - Watches & Crystals
£420.00 OFF
Sold out
Versace Greca Logo Small Seconds Gold VEVI00520 - Watches & Crystals
£600.00 OFF
Sold out
Versace Ladies Hellenyium Two-Tone Brown V12040015 - Watches & Crystals
£461.00 OFF
Sold out
Versace Men's Watch V-Palazzo Red VE2V00622 - Watches & Crystals
£400.00 OFF
Sold out
Versace Men's Watch Dylos Green VEAG00122 - Watches & Crystals
£712.00 OFF
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