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How to Wear Sunglasses: A Style Guide

How to Wear Sunglasses: A Style Guide


Since the 1900s, when Hollywood’s most influential first introduced the trend of wearing sunglasses for fashion instead of function, the industry has seen many a staple shape and style. Knowing how and when to wear our designer eyewear can feel overwhelming with all these choices available.

However, fear not! At GR8, we’ve curated a list of top tips for your eyewear styling. 

1. Consider your Face Shape 

While it may seem easy to choose a style based on the ones you love, it’s worth reading our blog on which shapes are the ideal pair for your face before you go out on a whim and purchase the next best thing; after all, you want your accessories to remain in style once the season is over. 

Here are our top brand suggestions for differing face shapes:



For ladies, oversized square lenses from Karl Lagerfeld are the perfect option, as their angular frames help to reduce the roundness of your jawline. 

If you’re a gent after the perfect pair, Balenciaga has you covered with angular solid lines and large dark lenses.



For men with solid jawlines, rounder lenses look fantastic. We recommend Kris Van Assche for a modern-day twist on a classic shape. 

Oscar De La Renta has you covered if you’re a lady with a squarer face who loves fun pops of colour and making a bold statement in your eyewear; alternatively, Ann Demeulemeester offers some round-shaped lenses that display a laid-back minimalist style.



If you have a rectangle face, opting for eyewear with thick frames or oversized lenses helps to add width to your face. 

For men, Gucci has a range of excellent extensive options, whether your style is traditional or on the daring side. For ladies, Erdem eyewear offers sultry patterns and fantastic designs. 



The most fortunate of the bunch, any style will look fantastic with this face shape. 

Browse our complete collection of designer eyewear and find the pair of your dreams. 



If you have a triangular face, draw attention up and out with angular lenses and thick browline accents. 

For ladies, we love classic colourways from Ralph Lauren and industry classics by Carrera for gents.



Rimless edges are your best friend and will balance your jawline; opt for strong designs from Ralph Lauren for men or some sultry cat-eye designs from Jimmy Choo for ladies. 



Complement your cheekbones with some round or oval lenses. 

Alternatively, if you’re a gent who likes a clean style, rimless options look fabulous paired with a diamond-shaped face. 


2. Everyday Style

Now you’ve considered your face shape, it’s time to think about which lenses look best with which looks. 

For everyday wear, this depends on your style and nature. If you love bold accessories to complement your wardrobe, opting for colourful lenses or unique shapes is a great place to start. If you prefer a more laid-back style, metallic-rimmed lenses in classic silhouettes such as round and aviator are timeless. 

Instead of propping your hair back with your eyewear, consider a more sophisticated look by hooking your lenses into the collar of your luxury knitwear or shirts. 


3. Minimal Accessories 

Let your eyewear do the talking and opt to tone down jewellery and other accessories. Think dainty gold necklaces, black leather belts and chic gold earrings. 

We love eyewear from Ray-Ban paired with this stripped-back aesthetic for an edge of timeless cool in your wardrobe. 


4. Fancy Formal

Not just for your everyday wear, sunglasses look fabulous paired with slimline cocktail dresses or crisp white linen shirts. We recommend aviators from the greats such as Ray-Ban or Gucci for your dressed-up attire.


5. The Great Outdoors

We’ve covered day wear and formal. Onto sportswear, if you’re a hiker, aviators add serious style points with some walking boots and flannel shirts. 

However, if you’re a runner or cyclist, it’s worth investing in wrap-around lenses to protect your eyes from dirt and debris while maintaining a fashionable flair. For this eyewear style, it has to be Carrera every time. 

Suppose you need any help with choosing the perfect lenses for your style. Then don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re happy to help.

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