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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Buyer's Guide

Ray-Ban Sunglasses Buyer's Guide


It’s hard to think of a sunglasses brand with a legacy as successful and enduring as Ray-Ban. Since the 1930s, it has shaped the eyewear landscape with cool, sophisticated designs and an unparalleled Americana style.

In this guide, we’ll explore aspects to consider when buying a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, including the most iconic styles, how to ensure the best fit and how to tell you’re getting the real deal. 


Your Guide to Buying Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Whether picking a pair of sunglasses for your next holiday or styling them with everyday wear, use this guide as your starting point.

The Impressive Legacy of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

To start, let’s dive into reasons why people continue to come back to Ray-Ban eyewear.

Iconic Design: 

Ray-Ban sunglasses are instantly recognisable. From classic Aviators to retro Wayfarers, Ray-Ban has a vast collection of frames that cater to every taste and style.

Cultural Influence: 

Ray-Ban sunglasses are a heritage brand, iconic fashion staple and household name. Their distinctive style carries great weight in pop culture and is an enduring symbol of cool.

Quality Craftsmanship: 

Initially made for practical purposes, Ray-Ban sunglasses are constructed from high-quality materials and feature advanced lenses. Ray-Ban eyewear is as functional as it is fashionable.

Which Ray-Ban Sunglasses to Buy

Over the years, Ray-Ban sunglasses have evolved to include a variety of designs, including hexagonal and timeless round shapes. Nevertheless, the most iconic frames are the Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters. Discover these signature Ray-Ban sunglasses designed for both women and men.


The Aviator design is synonymous with the Ray-Ban brand. This style was first designed in the late thirties for fighter pilots to protect their eyes from the sun’s piercing glare. Their tear-drop design and slim frames still evoke an adventurous, ‘Top Gun’ look. 

It was also here that Ray-Ban developed its innovative G-15 lens, which would become an essential component for all future Ray-Ban sunglasses.


The squared Wayfarer design debuted in the 1950s and quickly became one of the most iconic eyewear shapes on the market. These sunglasses are distinguished by sturdy acetate frames, logos on each temple and two small metal ovals on the front of the frame.

The chunkier frame also provides a place to play around with fun prints and textures to find various interpretations of the Wayfarer design. 


Clubmasters have a vintage-inspired design with wire-rimmed square lenses, an acetate brow and acetate temples. Much like the Wayfarer, you’ll find the Ray-Ban logo at each temple and tiny metal embeds near the barrel hinges.

How to Measure for Ray-Bans

When choosing sunglasses, it's not just about style – it's about finding the right size and fit for optimal comfort. 

Ray-Ban usually offers their sunglasses in different frame sizes based on measurements of the lenses. A simple trick to determine your size involves using a credit card, as it’s approximately the same width as a standard lens.

Turn your credit card to a portrait position. Place one side of the card in the centre of your nose and observe the alignment on the other side. If the edge reaches the outer corner of your eye, opt for a smaller frame. If it goes just past, a medium size is suitable. A larger size is the way to go if it extends significantly beyond your eye corner.  


Additional Measurements:

Most Ray-Bans have further measurements inscribed inside the temples. You can also find them in our product descriptions and official paperwork. The measurements appear in a series of numbers.

  • The first sequence will likely relate to the sunglasses model, such as RB2140-901.

  • The second sequence represents specific measurements: lens width, bridge width and temple length. It may look something like ‘54-18-150’. Occasionally, a fourth number may be present, indicating lens height. 

Note that these numbers correspond to measurements in millimetres.


Ray-Ban Fit:

Occasionally, Ray-Bans are categorised as having a narrow, regular or wide fit, indicating the extent of facial coverage they provide. 

A wide-fit pair, for instance, tends to be more oversized, covering a larger portion of the face compared to the regular or narrow options. Select the fit that aligns with your desired style and the level of coverage you prefer.


How To Identify Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

At GR8, we assure you that all our designer sunglasses are 100% authentic, ensuring you always receive a genuine article. However, with the widespread popularity of Ray-Bans, counterfeit versions are known to circulate the market. Here are essential indicators to help you distinguish authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses.


Run your fingers over the frame, examining for rough edges, nicks, flaws and any seams in the plastic. A visible seam indicates moulding, which is inconsistent with how genuine Ray-Bans are manufactured.


Genuine Ray-Bans will feature an etched logo on one of the lenses. If polarised, they should have a 'Ray-Ban P' logo and models predating 2000 will bear 'BL' (Bausch & Lomb) instead. Any etching should be smooth and cleanly executed.


Check that the hinges are integrated without any traces of glue or melted plastic. Fake Ray-Bans often compromise on hinges, as they are hidden away from sight. Genuine Ray-Ban Wayfarers also boast a seven-barrel metal hinge – another distinguishing feature to look out for.

Quality Packaging:

Authentic Ray-Bans should come packaged in branded boxes with high print quality and correct spelling. Cross-check that the details align with your specific model and include a barcode, model name, manufacturer information and lens type. 


Acquire Ray-Ban Sunglasses with Swift UK and International Shipping

Whether you’re seeking Ray-Ban sunglasses for men or women, rely on GR8 for your authentic eyewear. From classic frames to cutting-edge pieces, you’ll find all the best designer brands in our collection. 

Order before 3:30 pm Monday to Friday and 12 pm Saturday to qualify for same-day dispatch on in-stock items. Also, enjoy free shipping on all orders surpassing £99. 

If you require further information or assistance with your order, drop us a message via our online contact form or at

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